Monday, January 22, 2007

Uh oh...

I'm experiencing a bit of paranoia (or shall we say...a bit more than usual?). It's been about a good two weeks of feeling wholeheartedly uninspired in the kitchen.

Two weeks of eating out, or when I do find myself eating in, it's something like cheese and crackers or processed mac & cheese! Two weeks of thinking "...surely I'll get inspired and go to the grocery store soon...".

And the clock ticks. The days pass. The hard earned dollars get spent. The kitchen continues to feel lonesome.

Granted, I've eaten some great meals out lately - sushi at Koryo and a most perfect chile relleno at El (or is it La?) Zamarono in East Oakland, just to name a few.

But horror of horrors, could it be true? Could it be true that now that I find myself being paid to cook for other people, that it's sucking up all my culinary creativity?

Or am I just being paranoid while finding myself in a bit of a rut?

I suppose the answer will reveal itself before I go through too many more boxes of mac & cheese. At least, I hope it does...

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MissNoNo said...

hey you can do a lot of amazing things with mac and cheese.