Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I Don't know Why you say Goodbye

Shit. My pal Camille is moving away. The Bay area's loss is gonna be Austin's gain and though I totally support her, I just can't quite let her leave.

But since I have no choice, I am already planning my visit to both play music and do a little mini-internship with the Soup Peddler. The Soup Peddler doesn't know this yet, but he will.

I am already fantasizing about all the ways I'll eat queso and barbeque.

I am already picturing myself wearing a breezy sundress with a perfect pink vintage apron and an acoustic guitar strapped to my back, offering up and tasting some Texas drenched musical and culinary creations.

I'm pretty excited to go to the land where they pass out beer as if it were cold iced tea.

I tell myself all of these things so that I won't feel so stung by the knowledge that Camille, my confidant, dear friend and musical collaborator is leaving us for more humid, arid and... Texan pastures.

I think I feel Camille's next album full of country songs coming on. We gotta focus on the good stuff, right? So there - that's me trying. Not a bad effort, I think.

That's all for tonight, friends. Happy trails to Camille.


MissNoNo said...

NNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! well, look on the bright side.. texas toast.

Camille said...

I love you, Val!!!