Thursday, March 28, 2013

Testing, 1...2...3... this thing on?

Wait, hang on.  I've got to wipe off the dust.  And the cobwebs.  Yep, it's been awhile. It's been a good, long, while.  A long dark winter.  They say it's officially spring now, but I've barely peeked my head out from under the covers to see if it's true.

There's so much I've wanted to show up here & share with you, like citrus salad with olive oil, feta, tarragon & shallots.  A bright and juicy, salty & sweet addition to brighten up any drab winter day.

And a cold winter trip to Toronto, where, among other things, I got to eat at Momofuku, when I wasn't busy trying to get my nose hairs to unthaw.

And then suddenly it wasn't quite winter anymore, and I found myself driving through the southwest on a solo journey, wearing sundresses & flip flops, stopping at every thrift store along the way, and breathing in the solitude, sunshine, and dust.  Breathing it all in deeply.  Cause sometimes we get so caught up in the white noise of the every day, we forget to breathe at all.  That's about what I've been doing for the last many months.  Holding my breath.

But this kind of scenery, and time with cherished family & friends helped me to remember to breathe out, and then in again.  And so on.  And so here I am coming up for air, with tales untold, waving hello from an imperfect world.