Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Yeah, I'm a bit of a food snob. But the operative word is "bit". Cause I loves me some occasional greasy processed cheese food goodness.

Little Miss NoNo and I were talking the other night about the much beloved Queso dip. Main ingredient being Velveeta, and lots of it.

My First Love and I used to devour this stuff when we lived for a brief time in Austin. It seems that just about all the restaurants there served it, much in the same way that just about everywhere you would go there, people offered you a cold beer as if it were iced tea. My kinda people! At least, back in 1992 it was like this in Austin.

Anyway, Miss NoNo says they serve Queso dip in Utah too, and probably in a bunch of other places unbeknownst to me.

Honestly, I had such fond memories of loving this stuff (which may have perhaps had to do with the fine company with which I enjoyed it), which I hadn't eaten in like... 12 or 13 years... that I wanted to see if I could still love it. Seeing as how, you know, my food tastes have evolved so much since then.

Only one way to find out! Head to the local Safeway and buy one log of Velveeta (no imitations please!) and one jar of Pace Picante sauce (which I think is lame, but it works here!).

Go over to Miss NoNo's to watch the season premiere of the L Word (where just about everybody who digs the show is actually straight!). Throw the Velveeta log into a pot and get it started melting on the stove. Then go ahead and add that jar of Pace Picante. Stir it all up till it's nice and melty. Now pull out the bag of chips, and watch the hungry masses gather like flies on shit. Now watch your Queso dip disappear. Just like that. So simple. Before you know it, they've licked the pot clean so you don't even have to clean up that rubbery cheesy mess.

I recommend in fact that you ONLY make this with a crowd of people to enjoy it with. Don't try this alone folks, because then you'd just have to eat the whole damn pot yourself, and that would make your arteries and your belly very sad. Not that I know anything about this. But I've heard...


KnittyOtter said...

Have you ever mixed salsa in with Velveta and shells? Pretty tasty. ;)

Espcially if you stick it in the oven for a bit to get it's act together.

Although I like a can of Mild Green Chili rotel over salsa, but I'm weird like that.

In fact you can add ro*tel to anything and it becomes perfect.

I love ro*tel.

I have issues.


I wish I had cable. I loved that show the few times I've seen it.

Now I want melty chese and ro*tel.

I'm blaming you for this if that comes home with me from the store next time we go. :P

*Pokey Hugs*

Soup and Song said...

Ms. Otter!

I will gladly take the blame. Especially if you'd knit me a hat to wear over my crazy bed head.

I'm glad I'm not the only one with issues!

Yours in Velveeta conspiring...

MissNoNo said...

so good... I almost lost my shit.

MissNoNo said...

More please..