Friday, January 05, 2007

The Freezer Challenge

So I've decided to challenge myself. I have lots of stuff in my freezer that I should probably use, so I can make more stuff and put it in my freezer! I thought it might be fun to create or find recipes based on the contents of each container. I also thought it would be fun to challenge myself to work only with the ingredients that I've got on hand. Challenging, or perhaps just crazy!

Here's what I've got: One container of cooked lentils. One small ziplock bag of cooked chic peas. One decent sized container of roasted and mashed sweet and russet potatoes with roasted garlic. One quart sized ziplock bag of roasted butternut squash with shitake mushrooms. One small ziplock bag filled with coconut milk. One small container of delicious gravy from Thanksgiving. Two frozen pizzas, but they don't count! About half a can of tomato paste. Four portions of extremely spicy mole. 6 egg whites. One plastic container of tomato sauce. Lots of nuts. One bag of shredded coconut. One ziplock bag of cranberries. Probably some other stuff too. Hmm, this is going to be interesting!

Alas, I forgot to take anything out to defrost this morning, so I guess it'll be frozen pizza tonight, before our little experiment begins. Wish me luck!

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