Monday, January 08, 2007

Let's Get Back to my Freezer, Shall we?

So last night I made the soup I'd meant to make on Saturday - almost entirely with ingredients from my freezer, primarily from Thanksgiving. I also happened to have a couple things on hand in my fridge needing to be used up, so it was nice to have the opportunity to do so. I managed to whip up an extremely tasty, very velvety squash-potato-sweet potato soup w/ coconut milk & curry paste.

Here's how I did it, though I doubt you'll be trying this at home unless you have the exact same things in your fridge!

I made veggie stock by boiling and then simmering 3 carrots, 2 celery sticks and a bay leaf for about an hour. Then I removed the carrots, celery & bay leaf.

To the pot I added the previously frozen mashed potatoes & mashed sweet potatoes with roasted garlic, plus the previously frozen roasted butternut squash and shitake mushrooms. So easy!

I then simmered that for about 30 minutes, and added the previously frozen coconut milk, plus about two teaspoons of curry powder, and two tablespoons of Mae Ploy curry paste. Next, lots of salt and fresh ground pepper and a sprinkling of cumin & turmeric. Now it was starting to taste pretty good.

After cooling it, I pureed it in my trusty Cuisinart along with half a bunch each of parsley, mint and cilantro, until the whole mixture was smooth as silk.

Returned it to the stove and added some soy milk and a little more pepper, and it was now time to enjoy Thanksgiving all over a...different, but very tasty way!

Yay for my freezer!

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