Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Where the Rock Stars eat, part one

I put this list together awhile ago in my capacity as a working musician/booking agent/night owl. I thought it would be nice to compile a list of places to eat to pass along to other musicians/vampires/food lovers who are touring through the bay area and the East bay in particular.

Today we'll focus on places to eat before the show, or possibly, the morning after the show:

Cha Ya Sushi – This is vegan sushi, dig it. Fast service, reasonable prices, beautiful presentation, and just delicious. You needn't be a vegan to enjoy it, and if you're on the road a lot, you'll definitely want to stop here cause come on, admit it - you can never seem to get enough vegetables when you're on the road!

La Calaca Loca – High quality Mexican food, low cost, what more could you want? Delicious guacamole, divine fried fish tacos, sublime soup. Cash only please.

Vik – World famous authentic Indian "chaat" cuisine, super low prices. Feed the whole band for under $20. Guaranteed to please both vegetarians & carnivores alike.

Bakesale Betty's – Besides being a place for fabulous pastries & baked goods, this is the home of the most perfect fried chicken & cole slaw sandwich you've ever had. Reasonable prices & friendly service too.

Cole Coffee – It's rumoured that some who drink Cole coffee (formerly Royal) can't drink coffee roasted by anyone else. Plus, you can hang out & look cool like the rockstar that you are. Or maybe pick up someone who looks like a rockstar.

Bette's Diner – Best place to eat breakfast if you made a few bucks at your show last night. They open at 6:30 a.m. if you stayed up all night partying like a rock star. They serve lunch too, and it's all good - from buckwheat pancakes to BLTs, everything on the menu is sure to please.

Lanesplitter Pizza & Pub - Delicious New York style pizza, gigantic salads, a generous selection of California micro-brewed beers, and chances are good that on any given day it'll be a rock star flinging your pizza dough or slinging your beer.

Bacheeso's – Did someone say "all-you-can-eat"? Need we say more? This is a seriously good buffet for carnivores and vegetarians alike. Stuff yourself for $7.49 including tax.

Fellini – This place is the baby of fellow rock star, Geoff Davis. Nice vibe, fine pizza & pasta, quality beer on tap and a nice wine menu, plus a good selection of vegan items too. Plus they have an organic coffee bar.

Party on, rock stars. Part Two will cover where to go after the show - and sadly that list won't be nearly as long, since I haven't opened up the Soup and Song all night rock & roll soup kitchen yet...