Saturday, October 07, 2006

So long, single malt scotch, hello 20 Minute Loop

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The night started off splendidly - Emily, Heidi and I enjoyed an extremely spicy spread at my favorite Thai restaurant, Ruen Pair. Panang curry, papaya salad, and some other noodle dish I can't remember. I love, love, love this place.

And then we were off to SF to see 20 Minute Loop at Cafe du Nord...except the BART was late and we couldn't get a taxi to save our lives, so we walked the mile or so from Civic Center to the Castro, which wasn't so bad under the beautiful Harvest full Moon, but it did make us late.

For some reason earlier this evening I had decided that it would be a brilliant idea to fill my flask with single malt scotch (both the scotch and the flask were birthday gifts) to enjoy at the show. And for some reason I didn't consider that fact that duh, you have to be a little discreet when you do such a thing (could it been perhaps that I was too tipsy?).

So there I was, rocking away to the sweet, strange sounds of 20 Minute Loop, the sounds I'd been waiting to lose myself in all week long, when I felt a tap upon my shoulder.

Uh oh.

The big man in the beret says politely, yet firmly: "You have a choice. I can kick you out or you can give me the flask". Crap. Crap, crap, crap crap crap. So much for my brilliance, eh?

As it was, we were 20 minutes late for 20 Minute Loop, and we had worked so hard to get there. I was sweating in my fake fur coat, for god's sake. No WAY could I leave now.

Nothing like having your flask confiscated to make you feel like a juvenile with wrinkles.

So damnit, there went my flask, my single malt scotch, my few shreds of cool, gone, like that.

Never mind that it was scotch; the thought that kept coming to me was the line from Dead Man, where he says "I can't drink whiskey like I used t' could...".

I was sad to lose my liquor and its lovely container, but honestly, that music was so damn good that there was never any contest. Ok, I mean maybe for a second but the second passed.

You haven't really heard harmony until you've heard Greg & Kelly of 20 Minute Loop sing as in one voice. These folks have long been one of my favorite local bands, and it is always a treat to enjoy them live - liquor or no liquor.

But man, you know that bouncer enjoyed his loot. I mean I really really hope he has the same initials as me so he can enjoy his new personally monogrammed flask!

Till next time, remember: discretion, people, discretion!


Bathtub said...

Yep. I told you so.

MissNoNo said...

dude.... so lame.
and the other dish was pad kee mao. just remember kids: medium spice= HOT. HOT= burn off tongue. not for the round eye kids.
There are many more flasks in the world and tons of laws to break!!

gcgiles said...

I feel bad now for not finding you after the brief hello. I had a big old thing of Maker's Mark. It's no single malt scotch, but it does have the cool drippy red wax candle effect, dipped expertly by employees in Loretto, Kentucky.