Thursday, October 19, 2006

Finally, it's Bob!

Frequently I tend to find myself with dozens of thoughts and ideas (and recipes, and songs, and plots for world domination...) running through my head simultaneously. One might say that I can be a little high strung, and one would be right.

I'm telling you this so you'll forgive me for threatening over and over, months ago no less, to write about the fabulous Bob Wiseman. I really meant to, but somehow this idea got away from me for awhile.

Well now it's back, and it came back to me a couple nights ago by way of literally pulling me off the edge of that wall of depression that I found myself teetering upon. Well I guess the depression is what waits for you on the other side of the wall, or perhaps, at the bottom of that well that you just might plummet into if you're not careful.

Anyway - I first discovered Bob because he produced one of my all time favorite albums by Carmaig de Forest, called El Camino Real. Now, I will need a separate posting to sing the praises of Carmaig and don't worry, that'll be coming.

But the important thing to mention now is that there I was, feeling all cruddy. I had tons of food needing to be cooked and it was my only free evening to do it so there was no time to waste.

So I rolled up my sleeves, turned on the oven, cracked open a beer, put El Camino Real into my stereo and cranked up the volume, and I have to say, it was magical.

Before I knew it, I was feeling happy as a pig in shit, singing along to every single song. And the kitchen was filling up with the intoxicating scents of curry and basmati rice with coconut, jalapenos, garlic and ginger, and roasted squash, and roasted garlic, peppers and tomatoes for salsa, oh my!

SO - we'll get back to Carmaig but I have to mention that ever since I first heard that album, before I even knew Carmaig personally, I thought, "I want Bob Wiseman to produce an album for me some day".

Now, fast forward a good 7 years into the future, and I won't bore you with the details, but recently I had the good fortune not only to meet Bob, but to have him stay at my house while he was on tour! And let me tell you, he is a man of many talents - a clever songwriter and engaging performer in his own right, plus he makes really cool films. He is also a major food lover, and an all around nice guy to boot! This guy is the real deal, and it was a joy to meet him and to get to see him perform live.

I had only recently moved into my house when he was in town and my place was a total disaster. But we had a great time anyway, talking about food and music. And we talked about having him be on my cooking show - "what cooking show is that?", you ask? That's another story for another time.

But for now, please go and see Bob perform when he comes to your town. And maybe talk with him a bit about music, film, or food. I think you'll be glad you did. Hell, I'll be glad you did!

The moral of the story, if there is one, is that music heals - and that it's an absolute crime that there is SO DAMN MUCH incredible music in this world that only touches upon a very small audience.

So this is also a shout out to all the musicians, famous or wallowing in obscurity, alive or dead, young or ancient - that have ever touched me or blown my mind or changed my life in some way. The list is long and ever expanding.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I could never thank you enough. Your music feeds my soul.


Anonymous said...

you're making me cry. did you ever hear his records?

MissNoNo said...


bob wiseman said...

Hey what's going on here? One person cries, another emits only an "uh" and a womam with no nose or chin (at least in her pic) says i'm the real deal.

Okay i'll do it. I'll produce a record for you but it's not because I'm a sucker for flattery. No way Jose.

Give me about 10 years to figure this out.. assuming there is no budget, ok?

Soup and Song said...

Oh goodness. There's no need for tears here!

Yes of course I've heard Bob's records, Mr. or Ms. Anonymous, and you should too!

And to you Miss NoNo, could you please elaborate?

And to you Bob - I've been meaning to drop you a line but I was busy looking for my nose and chin! And how did you know I have no budget?? I may though, in 10 years. In the meantime I should probably write some new songs. Are you coming back to town any time soon? My house is clean now, and my kitchen is rocking!

bob wiseman said...

am i coming back to town? yesireebob.
probably twice. jason trachtenburg, who maybe you know of - the trachtenburg family- is into doing a may/june tour with me and my wife magali (she would open then me then jason) and so definitely we'll burn through in june.

and the scott thompson thing proved pretty intense these last 3 weeks. 200-400 people each night. i hope the same proves true in america. i see scott tomorrow to talk about what he wants to do in america (like when)

i am free in march and july so probably somehow we'll pop in then as well. of course you and missnono and your pals, will be on the guest list(s). just remind me i put that permanently in a blog back in october 2006.

maybe that is how you'll get scott into an episode of your soon-to-take-off television extravaganza?

Soup and Song said...

Bob! Holy crap, I used to be neighbors with Jason and Tina in Austin Texas. I am so fond of them and sadly have been out of touch for years. The name of our roach infested little hovel was called Fountain Terrace. Wow, the world just gets smaller all the time. Man, you want to eat some good food? Just spend a little time in Tina's kitchen. Yes - come to America with Scott and let's all storm the airwaves. Oh and I must just mention that I just got back from seeing another great band from Canada - NoMeansNo - totally rocking and completely inspiring...

bob wiseman said...

ya. legends. i tried to join them 15 years but could not convince them that this would be the greatest thing in the world. (well okay for me anyways)

i will say hello to jason for you and point him towards your electronic identity!

be dub