Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Hamachi from Kirala hits the Spot

I'm happy to report that I'm still keeping up w/ the daily four mile hike religiously, and throwing a little swimming and yoga into the mix too. For god's sake who knew that exercise could be the miracle cure to all that ails a person? It's sure working for me.

And it's sure making me ravenous.

Lately, I've been constantly craving protein and my body has been crying out for sushi for a couple weeks now. I simply couldn't wait another day.

So I today I headed to Kirala and had the most exquisite hamachi for lunch. It was so delicate and clean tasting that I could barely contain my joy. You know that feeling when you're just dying for something, and you finally get to have it, and it just hits the spot? Oh yes, I think you probably do.

It's something to revel in, cause so many experiences in life manage to miss the spot. You know, like getting busted at a local bar for smuggling in your own alcohol because you're a dork. Or taking a big bite out of an apple only to have your teeth sink into a pile of mealy brown mush. Or trying to be even slightly suave in the presence of a potential crush who barely even notices you're alive and then when he looks your way, you've got cilantro in your teeth.

I know nothing about these things...

I do know that it was a real treat to return to Kirala, and hopefully I won't wait another several years to pass through their doors again. Check 'em out, won't you?