Monday, May 21, 2007

Who needs Sleep when you've got your own Doll??

Another action packed weekend has passed like some kind of crazy tornado, leaving me feeling like I need another weekend so I can recover from my weekend!

Thankfully there were quite a few highlights, so the bags underneath my eyes today are not completely without value.

Friday evening found me making a very spontaneous dinner for a few friends, in which I learned an important lesson. When improvising a fish curry dish, or any dish containing coconut milk for that matter, DON'T get distracted and boil the coconut milk! For if you do, then poof, there goes your delicate coconut flavor! And you really don't want that to happen!

Saturday I went to a Big Concert Arena and saw a Major Star named Bjork. Perhaps you've heard of her? I went cause some friends had an extra ticket, and I was curious. Now THAT is what I call entertainment! There were lasers! And fire! And dancing! And a 17 piece all female brass band! And two live drummers! And electronics! It was positively electrifying and worth every penny spent. The seven dollar beers I could do without, though...

And as an added bonus, lovely local siren Joanna Newsom opened up the show, and she completely and utterly won me over. I was mesmerized and I think several of the other thousands of folks in attendance were too.

Sunday El Mirage played a fun outdoor show at Lanesplitter, the place where I used to sling beer and pizza. 'Twas a treat to get to see my very own action figure on display, along with all the other action figures of current employees and employees past. It was also a treat to hang out with wonderful people on a perfectly sunny day while enjoying some of the best micro-brewed beers that Northern California has to offer. Man, are we spoiled living here!

And if all that wasn't enough, I developed a new flavor of granola in those few extra hours when I should've been sleeping. Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you, vanilla almond granola from Val's kitchen. Since I didn't have time to grocery shop, I guess it'll be granola for dinner tonight, and right after that, the couch will be waiting for my exhausted ass...

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