Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Snapshots from my Kitchen

What good is a little time away from work if most of it isn't spent in the kitchen? Well, that depends on who you ask.

Here are a couple of pics from my weekend, with a soundtrack that featured the Genuine Diamelles, Noe Venable, the Boot Cuts, Jim Bianco...all independent artists, some from days gone by, once or always from California. And all of it good! No doubt, it made the food taste better.

First, I tried out a recipe for "Ultimate Picnic Chicken" from Cook's Illustrated. Delicious and worth the nearly two-day prep time! But, I'm not so into slathering spice rub all over the meat and under the skin. Next time, I'll need a picnic chicken loving grunt to assist me. Call me a primadonna, call me what you will. I wouldn't want to get my bass pickin' fingers all uncalloused, right?

And next, there was the Indian food spread, with recipes from the current issue of Food & Wine. This here my friends, is a sight that just makes me happy to behold.

Some of that, became this:

And though it was a delicious weekend in my kitchen, by Memorial Day, I was ready for the picnic on the beach, and most of all, ready to just collapse my tired body into the sand...

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