Thursday, May 24, 2007

Selfishness is Fun

I'm trying on a couple of new habits this week - worrying less, and letting other people do more for me. And it turns out, selfishness is fun!!! And it keeps one from worrying!

The last couple days have been packed with so much good music and food and company, and here are a few highlights, in no particular order:

- Wandering down Valencia street on a perfectly balmy evening with my friend Myles, and happening upon a most excellent gypsy jazz band called Gaucho. It was a marathon night cause before that, Myles and I played music together, and after that, we had a most exquisite meal at a place called Osha Thai. This place does with curries and spicy fusion dishes the things I only dream of in my kitchen! The salmon sashimi salad was just divine. And there's more! After our dinner, we saw one of my favorite bands The Shut-ins, followed by a kick-ass twangy supergroup known as the Fireball Mailmen. Mmmmmm I love the sound of pedal steel. It's right up there with sashimi salad and gypsy jazz.

- In the interest of my needs and my needs alone, I spontaneously took half the day off work today and am taking all of tomorrow too (special thanks to my dear co-workers for helping to make this possible!). Today I got to enjoy a delicious lunch at Cesar courtesy of the lovely and talented Janet. If you can't make it to Spain, I guess the next best thing is Tapas and sangria. Janet was kind enough to accompany me to a certain doctor's appointment that I had been dreading, and lunch, and her company, was my reward.

- After a visit to my much loved hairdresser, I treated myself to a new cookbook and some fancy ice cream. Yeah... down with worrying, and up with indulgence!

Soon I'll have to post about all the great local music I've been listening to at home. But for now, it's getting late and you are getting verrrrry sleeeepy...and don't worry, I'm gonna live. It just turns out I'm inhabited by space aliens, but I'm told that if I eat enough fancy ice cream and tapas and listen to enough gypsy jazz, the aliens will vanish.

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