Wednesday, May 02, 2007

100 Posts, Good Granola News!

Wow, today was a good day!

I just this moment logged in and realized that I've been writing in this blog for a litte under a year, and that my last posting was my one hundreth. I don't know why that gives me a little thrill, but it does. I still find it a little shocking that people actually READ this thing! Hi Mom! Hi Dad!

It's also VERY cool that in the span of this nearly one year's time, I've reached some exciting and gratifying milestones, like having an apron named after me, just for starters!

This blog was kind of related to my first granola making obsession just about a year ago (a by-product of my having lots of leftover nuts & seeds from last year's b-daybatch of mole!). Hence, 100 blog entries and almost exactly one year later, it was REALLY FUCKING COOL to get a call from a friend informing me that a soon to be opening specialty foods store in San Francisco wants to carry my granola!!!!

Shit, now I have to get my shit all together and it's so exciting and terrifying!

In order to avoid obsessing over all my little fears, instead I'll share this amazingly sexy pic on the eve of my 38th birthday. Photo courtesy of Lucio Loud.

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I do believe Miss NoNo was frightened of the gloves.

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