Sunday, May 27, 2007

Mangos and Strawberries with Toasted Coconut and Molasses spiked Whipped Cream

There I go with the random capitalization again. I dunno; I think this title just looks better this way.

But screw the title; you should've been here for dessert! Shit, you should've been here for dinner for that matter! I was fortunate to enjoy both fish curry redemption, and a lovely improvised dessert moment.

Since I didn't have time to seek out a recipe for coconut custard, I improvised by doing this:

Peeled, sliced and diced one ripe mango. A bit of a bitch; I need to learn how to do this properly! Slimy mess! Nearly sliced my fingertips off! But it was worth it in the end. What's a little pain when dessert is involved?

Next I combined the mango chunks with ripe, thinly sliced organic strawberries. Stirred it all up and added a splash of Grand Marnier.

Next, I poured into a shiny bowl: a splash of maple syrup, a thin drizzle of molasses, a splash of vanilla extract, and a splash of Grand Marnier. To this I added about a cup of heavy cream, and then I whipped it, whipped it real good..."da na na na na. na na...When a problem comes along, you must whip it..."

Uh anyway, next I spooned some of the fruit mixture into ramekins, topped each one with a generous serving of the whipped cream, and topped each one with toasted coconut. Not quite coconut custard, but not bad! I would even say... good!

In fact, I would even say so much more.

I would love to tell you about the fish curry and the fine company and my maiden voyage with star anise and the spinach, basil and plum salad with citrus-vinaigrette, and how the kaffir lime leaves and ginger and cumin seeds and shallots filled our house with the most exquisite scents, and about the music of Tara Linda, Denise Funari and Jason Kleinberg that we enjoyed after. I would love to tell you all these things, and so much more. And perhaps I will, and perhaps I won't, but that is neither here nor there.

Right now, I'm a little obsessed with coconut custard. As if I didn't already have enough obsessions....

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