Tuesday, May 08, 2007

After a hard morning of Bra Shopping, Pho soothes the Soul

It was time. In fact, it was long overdue - the trip to the Mall to visit the Major Department Store to spend the morning trying on what felt like 700 bras. Misery loves company, so I was really glad that my friend Janet wanted to join me.

Now don't get me wrong; I love a good bra! I just hate shopping for them. Like all women's clothing, sizes vary. You gotta try 34B, 36B, 34C, and on and on, no matter what size the lady says you are. And that can be tedious. And tiring. And then when you haul your tired ass out of the store (but happily with a wonderful variety of new bras - pink! leopard! black! light blue and lacy! 15% off!), you have to settle for bad mall food to "satisfy" that hunger that you just worked up...

That's why Janet and I were delighted that later in the evening we were to enjoy a perfect bowl of Pho, courtesy of our friends Blayne and Lu. And wow, it really was perfect. Blayne knew about this place in Oakland, at 412 E. 12th St, and we reached our destination just as the hot afternoon sky was turning to evening.

The Pho was plentiful, tasty and cheap, the broth rich and soothing, and the company just absolutely divine. Probably won't have to go on a major bra-buying excursion for another couple years, but hopefully I won't wait that long to enjoy another bowl of that Pho!

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