Monday, June 11, 2007

Short Attention Span

As I write this, I've got a strawberry-rhubarb pie in the oven, beets steaming on the stove, Schubert playing on the stereo in the kitchen, and KALX on the radio in the bedroom.

I don't know what to tell you about first - my short but sweet visit over the weekend with Bob Wiseman and his wonderful wife Magalie, or my personal chef gig debacle on Saturday in which I accidentally left the uncooked fava beans that I was using to weight the pastry crust IN the quiche!

And what about that dang recipe for arugula and mint salad with pluots and feta in citrus vinaigrette?

And hell, did anyone even notice this evening that the sky was still light tonight at 9 pm?

God I love summer!

Yesterday I baked apple pie, and tonight it's strawberry-rhubarb. Yesterday's pie was a test...

and couldn't hold a candle to the famous apple pies that Lucio Loud makes, but hell, it wasn't bad either.

Tonight's pie is being baked as an offering to the KALX DJ Meaty Paws, on behalf of Loretta Lynch, who'll be live in his studio tomorrow evening. Tune in around 10 pm California time, and you just might hear some siren sounds.

But, I digress. Pie is tricky stuff, as I am learning. But learning can be so much fun, and so delicious in the process!

Magalie and Bob left me with some lovely parting gifts, one of which was a George W. Bush squeaky toy for my dog Spider to destroy.

Actually, they left it for both Spider and Dean, but Spider was very selfish and simply wouldn't share poor George.

And speaking of short attention spans, I fear the strawberry-rhubarb pie may be burning, and the beets turning to mush, so I better get my ass back into the kitchen.

To be continued...


trouble said...

your dog is selfish.

bob wiseman said...

good i am so pleased i didn't screw up the intraweb! and the knobs and george toy have an appropriate place in your lives.

our most super thank you's to ya'll and a sincere invitation to assist you and emily with any future toronto or canadian plans.

meantime i got some more dates in europe. this is starting to look actually real.

much bleu canadian action happening on myspace since last friday night.

will load your cd tomorrow into our ipod.


Anonymous said...

yay! for once the monster destroys something good :)

and that pie looks mighty good...