Sunday, June 17, 2007

If I were in Charge...

... people like Joe Rut, the High Diving Horses, and Yard Sale would be famous.

Joe Rut would be like one of those people whose songs get covered by the likes of Willie Nelson and Elvis Costello, and whose own shows would swarm with thousands of rabid fans. And I'd still be performing at his special living room concerts, singing harmony on that beautiful stage.

The High Diving Horses would be like as famous as Beck, rocking the festivals and the airwaves, with every last damn person in the crowd singing along. When they played their hometown gigs, I'd be their special guest bass player and we'd sing in 3 part-harmony.

People all across the world would be baking pies to the sweet, soothing, down home 3-part harmonies of Yard Sale. Denise, Mel & Jill would make tons of money just for being amazing songwriters and delightful singers and entertainers.

Also.... if I were in charge, everyone would have minimal aches and pains, and plentiful home cooked meals with the ones they love. And lots of time to nap. Everyone would have a high quality stereo with Joe Rut, the High Diving Horses, and Yard Sale in their record collection. All of this just for starters. And this is just the tip of the iceburg, my friends!

What if you were in charge? What would we eat, drink, and listen to???? Come on... I know you're out there. Comment anonymously if you wish, but make your voices heard, won't you?

Inquiring minds would like to know.


Joe said...

Well, damnit, I vote we put Val in charge then. I'm assuming Willie and Elvis won't mind if I play guitar when they cover my songs, right? I'll start practicing. -Joe

Soup and Song said...

Yeah Joe, I like the way you think. When I'm in charge, I'll make sure there are lots of donuts at all of your shows, too ;)