Friday, June 08, 2007

Pluots Make me Happy

It's that time again...pluots are in season! Pluots are "a complex cross hybrid of plum and apricot, being 3/4 plum and 1/4 apricot in parentage". Or so says Wikipedia.

Juicy and lovely ruby red - the color alone is enough to make me swoon.

I like to eat them alone, but I also love to eat them in salads.

The one I cut up for my salad tonight was so striking that I couldn't stop taking pictures.

And the taste is succulent and sweet as nectar. A simply perfect offering.

Later I will post the recipe for the salad I had tonight, featuring baby arugula, pluot, fresh mint slivers, feta, and a citrus-balsamic vinaigrette. It's the kind of salad that makes me happy to be alive.

I'm a simple kind of gal. Like my dog Spider, feed me and I'll love you more. Never mind that I fed myself tonight. Plenty of love to go around! Stay tuned for the recipe.

Right now, I gotta go see my friend Bob Wiseman play. He's finally in town, and he and his wife Magalie are staying at my house even! I wish they could've been here to enjoy this salad with me. But with any luck, there will be some juicy pluot slices in the fruit salad that I'm making them for breakfast before I rush off to do a personal chef gig where I'll be making brunch for 12. Yikes! I'm being hired to make brunch for 12 tomorrow morning! May the quiche fairies smile upon me.

Wish me luck! And go find a pluot and eat one right now!


trouble said...
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trouble said...
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trouble said...

Seriously people.. Am I really the only one who comments on this...maybe so because I know FIRST hand how delicious and wonderful all the things that Val does. She is awesome, so keep reading..
and on a side note: Thank god she started drinking coffee again. She's back to her old self, and shoot... why not.