Thursday, April 05, 2007

Oh yeah, Sangria!

The birthday fun continues and I guess there's no turning back now. After a nice little party at work featuring yet another test batch of Sangria (this one was utterly perfect!), I stocked up at the Berkeley Bowl and bought supplies to make yet more Sangria, tamales, enchiladas, and chicken in mole. Holy mole indeed, I just had to take this picture to convey my contentment with my very well stocked pantry tonight. I think the owl agrees. The plantain and chocolate in the bottom basket are for the mole, and the citrus fruit is for the Sangria, and the peppers are for the salsa.... OH ..... YEAH ...

And for the record, I've managed to squeeze in a little birthday fun every day this week. On Tuesday, Berge took me out for sushi to Sugata, a delightful little place on Solano Ave. in Albany. And I have 7 words for you: Go There And Try The Tennis Roll ! ! !

And also on Tuesday, Miss NoNo told me she's getting us tix to go and see the Be Good Tanyas, a very cool band that she turned me on to. Yep, a good week indeed!

Oh and did I mention that my dad called yesterday to ask me what kind of Le Creuset pot I want for my b-day? Go ahead dad, twist my arm and get me the 5 quart french oven. Please and thank you!

To be continued....

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bob wiseman said...

happy birthday
enjoy the be good tanyas
i like 'em too