Friday, April 13, 2007

Citrus Blossom Honey

Among the many fine birthday gifts I received was a jar of the most exquisite honey, courtesy of my lovely and talented friend Denise. Denise (together with her band-mates Melanie and Jill) not only sings like a glorious song bird, but she knows good food. And she got me the coolest gifts - some lemon infused olive oil, and a jar of citrus blossom honey, made by a company called Branches out of Napa Valley.

Usually, I'm not much of a honey person. Or at least, I wasn't until I tasted this stuff. Ah, so golden and sweet and just perfect. Don't dilute it or put it in your tea! Just slather it on toast, or eat it with a spoon. I brought it to work and Judith and I did exactly that. In fact, Judith squealed with delight because honey is one of her favorite things. I guess I know what to get HER for her next birthday!

Thanks, Denise... your gift keeps on giving! But I have a feeling the jar will be empty before too long!

I'm headed back to Monterey this weekend to both visit the Sea Otters and help my "little" neice celebrate her 21st birthday! I guess I know which one of us shall remain sober tonight ;)

Happy weekend to one and all!

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