Friday, April 20, 2007

Long Live Internet Radio and The Silver Spoon

It's Friday already?! Another week has flown by. And the perks just keep coming! I love these month-long birthday celebrations!

A couple days ago, my pal Jamie gave me a copy of The Silver Spoon. Some claim it's the Italian Equivalent of The Joy of Cooking - and god knows that this is EXACTLY the kind of cookbook I need, seeing as I frequently suspect that I am truly a Mexican trapped in the body of an Italian. Homemade tamales and mole? No problem. But ask me to whip up a pot of spaghetti sauce from scratch, and ya just never quite know what the end result will be. So I'm thrilled to have a guide. Thanks, Jamie!

Have I ever mentioned that internet radio is what gets me through the day? I've always enjoyed listening online to stations like KEXP and KCRW, as well as one of my favorite local stations, Bootliquor. I've also recently discovered Twang City - another great local station, that lo and behold, found ME! Roger Coryall, who programs this most excellent station, was doing a search for soup recipes, and he found this blog, as well as my music. And now, my online listening experience is even more fun because he's got my music in heavy rotation! Thanks, Roger! Oh - and Roger has a very cool blog of his own, dedicated to glorious garlic.

Another delightful recent discovery is Live 365. Holy shit! There are HUNDREDS of stations here, each one dedicated to a specific genre or sound. I'm tellin' you, I cannot get enough of the All Memphis Music station, or Motown 365. You want a station dedicated to French music? How about British Invasion, Neo-soul, Bossa-nova, Southern Gospel, or perhaps Tejano Pop? You'll find it all at Live 365. My god I need to live another hundred years to take it all in!

BUT guess what? Internet radio stations like these are in grave danger of being shut down. And we can't have that, because as I already told you, I NEED this music to get me through the day. So please go here and read more about it, and take action!

Thanks for reading this rant!


Fave said...

I'm interested in that Silver Spoon book and I'm all for the continuatino of net radio. It's the wave of the future and should not be shut down. That's my two cents ;)

Jon said...

Thank you for your praise of our internet radio station,

It is so important for all of you to write your congress reps to stop the imposing of higher fees for internet broadcasters. As of May 15th, Internet radio as we know it, could be gone unless we all get off our butts and complaing. Please got to
Easy to do and EVERY VOICE COUNTS.

Soup and Song said...

Thank you both for your comments.

I'm serious, internet radio brings me so much joy so let's all keep spreading the word!