Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Holiday Highlights

Happy 2008! It sure crept up fast, didn't it? I'm happy to report that I had some extra time off this year, and I spent much of it laying around, cooking, eating, and drinking wine. Not a bad way to pass the time!

This year my family did a gift exchange, so I only had to buy a gift for one person, and one person bought for me. My niece Emily chose well for me, feeding both my obsession with Indian cooking and my lust for Le Creuset cookware.

And lest I should forget my Italian roots, a little something extra was thrown in for good measure. Emily must know that I suck at making sauce and that I love vodka, so the Williams-Sonoma vodka sauce and fancy dried pasta were perfect additions!

I was psyched to be the one to buy for my Dad, and it seemed that he was quite pleased with my gift selections. And fortunately for all of us, he likes to share!

When my parents volunteered me to cook dinner for their friends, of course I was happy to oblige.

All was going swimmingly until I realized that it was in fact a bad idea to bake pizza directly on the oven rack without putting something underneath it to catch the melting cheese, which soon turned into burning, smoldering cheese, which filled the house with stinky smoke! I do believe my parents might be needing to buy a new oven thanks to their talented chef daughter.

And then, just in time for dessert, I somehow managed to make the coffee machine have a seizure.

I swear I hadn't even drank that much of my Dad's wine stash when these little mishaps occured!

I wish I'd taken pictures of my Mom baking pizelles, but I was too busy eating them to stop and grab the camera. Soon I will need to post photos of my Dad and my niece Angela making tender, delectable homemade pasta. For now, here is a photo of the finished product. I wish I had some right now!

Happy 2008 to one and all!

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Anonymous said...

I don't really like to share. I was guilted into it! I still have 4 bottles left and I'm saving it for good! (don't tell your mother)