Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Another edition of Cook it if ya Got it

Damnit, how did I get sick again? Must be all that running around I've been doing, all that trouble I've been causing...

Tonight I got home, collapsed onto the couch to settle in for a couple episodes of the first season of Lost, and at around 10 pm I remembered that there was food in the fridge waiting for me to give it a purpose....and that it would soon die if I did not do so! I couldn't let that happen!

So first, I steamed 2 bunches of dinosaur kale, thinking I'd use it as an ingredient in another dish later. But you know what? It's so utterly and perfectly delicious just steamed straight up like that, why mess with perfection? I'm going to bring it to Judith tomorrow because where kale is concerned, she is like a kid in a candy store, and if anyone would appreciate the delicate deep green sustenance of this steamed kale, it'd be her.

And then, I made this very simple recipe that my friend showed me... the friend who is Norwegian and Indian and yet puts me to shame with his Italian cooking. So simple, and it's the bomb...

Slice an onion and sautee it slowly in a nice cast iron skillet till it starts to just barely turn golden brown. Then add a couple of zuchinnis which you've sliced into bite sized pieces, and sautee the whole lot of it slowly over medium heat till the zuchinni are tender and the onions are golden brown. Add lots of fresh ground pepper and salt.

Meanwhile, boil some water for pasta. Cook the pasta, about a half pound or so, al dente. Reserve a bit of the cooking water before you drain the pasta. Now combine the pasta w/ the zuchinni/onion mixture and add freshly grated parmesan, a bit of the cooking water if it needs it in order to be perfectly moist, and a little more salt and pepper. Boom, you're done. Simple, savory, sweet, and exactly what the doctor ordered. Never mind that you can't seem to spell zuchini tonight to save your life.

Now I'm sure that all I need tonight is a couple more gallons of vitamin C and I'll be ready to face the rest of this week...

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