Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Shred it, trash it, burn it, tear it!

tear v. , tore , torn , tearing , tears . v.tr. To pull apart or into pieces by force; rend. To make (an opening) by ripping: "tore a hole in my..."

Wow. I am on a serious tear tonight. And what a liberating feeling it is! I moved recently (for the bazillionth time) and purposefully left all my boxes of junk in my spare room and scattered about the house so that I will be forced to look at them every day until I finally do something about them. Well I guess tonight is that night. Or at least, it's a start.

I started diving into my boxes one by one. Not the boxes of the usual stuff that you move like furniture, kitchen stuff and you know...useful stuff. I already unpacked all that. What I'm talking about here is just random stuff. I am horrified to admit that I recently discovered that I have been moving a BOX OF PENNIES from one place to another for about the last 17 years. Why?!!!!??

Well tonight, I disposed of a good 5 bags full of stuff. Amongst this was a box of old 4-track demos that I have been saving for years, (much of it from the now defunct Ramona the Pest)"just in case" I ever get around to doing anything with it.

It was both heartbreaking and humbling to see these physical reminders from a different chapter of my life, one that I loved so very much. But I was also struck with the very clear and strong feeling tonight that whatever was meant to see the light of day has already done so, and that it's ok to let the rest of it go. I am SO thankful that I have been blessed to live all of these amazing experiences, and am honored and grateful to report that with Ramona the Pest, I put out 8 full length releases of original material. And now, I don't need to keep carrying around these tapes! It was actually rather fun to shred them one by one. Making space for the new can feel so good. Who knew?

Tonight's soundtrack: my favorite, Bootliquor radio.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, I ate so much over the weekend that tonight's dinner was salad and an icy cold Anderson Valley Hop Ottin' India Pale Ale. Oh yeah, life is good, good, good.


MissNoNo said...

sounds lovely and liberating to cleanse your life.. now come and do mine.

bob wiseman said...

and then do mine too please