Friday, August 04, 2006

Out with Mole...for now at least!

I swear I'm gonna move on from mole real soon. But I just had to share the results with those of you who weren't actually at the party last night, or lucky enough (or unlucky enough, depending on the day) to live, or find yourselves, within spitting distance of my kitchen. It's no surprise that the winner is.... Mole #1.... with Mole #4 in a close second place - while sad, strange Mole #3 just sat there congealing in its lonely little bowl all night long.

As soon as I figure out how to archive recipes, I will post the recipe for Mole #1 (perhaps with a more creative title?) with my adaptations.

And just what the hell am I gonna do with that plethora of leftover nuts & seeds? I thought you'd never ask. Get ready for granola, baby. Granola all the way...

Couple things I want to mention today:

1. Anthony Bourdain fucking rocks. Check out this intense first hand account of his being stranded in Beirut while there to film an episode of his most excellent show "No Reservations".

2. Lately I've been reunited with my Nellie Bly (self titled) CD - and what a beautiful reunion it is. The music that these folks make is at least as good as - or possibly far superior to - anything on the radio these days. Listening to their music is almost as good as enjoying it live. Singer Missy Gibson is a force to be reckoned with, highly skilled in the art of making the audience become putty in her hands. She and guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Mike Flanagan make music that is both gorgeous & rocking, with choruses that will haunt you for days (...listen to "Bucket of Blood" and see if you can get it out of your head!).

Lastly.... tomorrow is ICS day! That stands for Immersion Composition Society. That means I'll be up stupid early, spending the whole day obsessed with songwriting and recording. And I shall not emerge until I've written & recorded a butt-load (or at least a handful) of new songs. What can I say? I'm an obsessive kinda gal. More details about ICS will be coming in future posts.


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