Saturday, August 19, 2006

Lonely kitchen, Drunken Sushi and Beyond

It's been another action packed week full of music and food. But
sadly, I've been on the go so much that I haven't had a damn moment to
cook anything. My sink currently holds 5 dirty coffee cups, and my
fridge is a big lonely empty place.

I did however, have the good fortune this week to eat at The Drunken
not once, but twice! When you click on the link for Drunken Fish,
you'll be directed to the homepage for Koryo Sushi, which is owned by
the same folks, cause I can't seem to find a web site for Drunken Fish.
Koryo Sushi is also fantastic, and for you rock and roll or vampire
types, it stays open until 1:30 a.m. Tuesday through Thursday, and 2:30
a.m. on Fridays & Saturdays!

No matter which place you choose, it's sure to please. Some of my
favorite dishes: Sukiyaki.... such satisfying comfort food especially in
the winter time, featuring tender yam noodles in a savory broth served with
veggies and your choice of meat or tofu, served in a heavy cast iron
pot. Divine! The "Ika Sansai" salad is fresh and bursting with
flavor - especially enjoyable in the summer. It features delicate
calamari in a lively sesame infused dressing, and I could just eat this
stuff by the bucketful...but I suppose I shouldn't. Their Sashimi Salad always hits the spot. It's a huge bowl with rice and thin slivers of
lettuce, garlic and daikon radish, plus tobiko and tons of sashimi
chunks, with a big egg on top. It's dressed in a spicy sesame-chili
dressing, and it seriously rocks! The portion is quite generous so
it's good for sharing.

And now ladies and gentlemen, I gotta gripe. Just before our Widows
show on Wednesday (sorry, us Widows don't have a web site yet - we're
an underground sensation!), a couple of us ran over to Chipotle to grab
a quick taco. It had been years since I'd eaten there, and I soon
remembered why. $5.95 for tacos that are served in FLOUR tortillas,
and don't even include the traditional onions and cilantro?? Dude,
where's the corn? I guess that's the McDonald's interpretation of
Mexcian food. Go figure. To their credit, the carnitas were pretty
tasty and tender, and Denise reported the same thing in regards to her
pollo. But Heather's salad was pretty wimpy. She reports the dressing
and the guac were good, but we all agreed that the chips left much to
be desired. Then & there, Denise and I
agreed to embark upon the "Taco Truck Tour of East Oakland" in the very near future.
We will stuff ourselves silly, live to tell the tale, and report it
all back to you, dear reader. So stay tuned.

Alright alright - I keep threatening to write about the fabulous Bob
, but I'm waiting till he sends me a recipe, and have every
faith in the world that this will happen soon. But he's on tour right
now, winning over the hearts of music and film lovers far and wide, so
let's just all be patient, shall we?

Till next time, enjoy every bite of life! My parents are coming to
town this weekend, and you know what that means.... lots of eating out
at restaurants I usually can't afford! Three cheers for Mom & Dad :)

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