Tuesday, July 24, 2007


... you don't know what you're going to write until you sit down to write it, and the words fly out of your fingertips while you've barely had a chance to think of their meaning or edit yourself.

Sometimes, these are the best kinds of bits, because they come straight from the heart. And sometimes, these are the worst kind of bits, because they reveal parts of you that are perhaps best left inside your cluttered mind, where there is no one to offend or confuse or drive away - except yourself, that is...

But the problem is, you're always stuck with yourself; you can't run away from you! You can confuse yourself, and you could possibly offend yourself. But you can't drive yourself away. But oh, how we keep trying.

Believe me...there have been many times when I would like to find myself 10,000 miles away from myself.

Sometimes, you don't know why you're proclaiming the things that you're proclaiming as if these things were the gospel truth, because you know full well that soon you'll be singing a different tune, possibly even shouting it from the top of some mountaintop. You know this and it pisses you off a little bit to think that you could even be spending this much time pondering this subject. In the time it took you to write what you wrote, life and death and most everything in between circled around hundreds of times, and you sort of missed it.

Sometimes, it's good to remember to crank up your stereo, to be grateful, to keep your heart and mind open and your cup full. And maybe not to think quite so much.


trouble said...

I never want to write..... or maybe you sit down and then you just go blank..that's my life.

bob wiseman said...

i think there are ways to get 10,000 miles away from yourself. for starters do things you wouldn't ordinarily do. you know your own patterns. so fuck shit up and you will see the old you disappearing.

Soup and Song said...

Hi Bob!

You're absolutely right. Here's to more fucking shit up! Hope all is well in Canada. How was the rest of your tour?

And to you, Trouble, I bet if you just start writing, something will shake loose. At least, it usually does for me, for better, or for worse!