Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A week's worth of Goodness in a Nutshell

Holy crap!

Too much goodness, too little time! Can't even write in complete sentences! So I'll just give some highlights, each of which I will attempt to summarize briefly:

1. Not one, but TWO visits to Radio Habana Social Club over the course of two weeks. Cheap, tasty food, devotion inspiring sangria, cool funky art. A winning combo!

2. And there again, not one, but TWO visits to The Knockout in SF for Two Dollar Tuesdays. Quality independent music, cool videos, and two buck cosmopolitans and Speakeasy Prohibition Beer. Did I mention that this is another first prize winning combo? Well there - I just did!

3. The circus! The next best thing to joining the circus was enjoying a friggin' FIVE COURSE MEAL while watching the Teatro Zinzanni with my Gay Husband, courtesy of my pal and musical co-conspirator Wil Hendricks who is both a member of the TZ Orchestra and little old El Mirage! Another winning combo folks - how lucky can one girl be??

4. A rock and roll reunion show featuring two bands for whom I was and am still am absolutely drooling over - ZEBU and the GAZILLIONS. I danced and smiled and sweated and sang along to every damn song long enough to give myself sore muscles and major B.O., and I wouldn't trade one single moment of the glory!! The world is just not as good of a place without these bands continuing to exist, and the fact that I was married to a member of one band, and am siblings with a member of the other band, has absolutely nothing to do with my devotion!! Swear to the kitchen and rock & roll gods!

5. Fat Tuesday and marching bands at the Makeout Room in SF with my dear pal Camille, who's soon to be departing to Austin - gotta love that sweaty sexy New Orleans vibe on a cold, damp San Francisco night with people shaking their booties in the street.

How much sleep can one woman deprive herself of over the course of 5 days? Appearantly just enough to find herself completely inspired and glad to be alive, even with the bags under the eyes at 1:23 a.m....

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MissNoNo said...

sorry to miss such a fun night