Monday, February 12, 2007

To Burn or Not to Burn...

... that seems to be the question as of late.

See, everybody burns cds these days. That's just the age we live in (she says, with her old lady voice...).

But I can't help but protest! I mean, for crying out loud - I've been working two jobs for more than a year now, with the occasional third job even - NOT INCLUDING BEING A MUSICIAN!!

Part of the reason I do this is because of the high cost of living in the Bay area. And lest I should come across as a total martyr, part of the reason I work so much is cause I have debt - and also, anyone who reads this blog knows that I loves me some good food and drink too!

But also, I work extra cause I have this whole other life as an independent musican. I pay for all the recording and manufacturing of my albums out of my own pocket. And even though I gig regularly and get played on the radio and have a handful or two of adoring fans, it just doesn't translate to much cash when all is said and done.

And so, I work, and I pay for recording time, and sometimes scrape up enough extra money to pay the excellent players who perform and record with me, and I pay the manufacturer, and I do all the promotion myself. Shit, there's a lot of labor that goes into it, so I guess I'm not so down with people burning cds. To me it feels the same as if you had a bakery and I just walked in and took your pastries without paying, just because I could.

Now - I agree that sometimes a person will burn a track or two of an artist they like and then turn someone else onto that artist - it happens a lot and I am not dead set against that. It's a very fine line, and I also know that I can't control it in the slightest... but maybe some people wouldn't be so quick to burn the cd if they knew all that goes into it.... would they?

I'm very curious to hear what other folks think about this issue - both musicians and music lovers alike. Anyone out there??

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