Sunday, February 25, 2007

Empty Cups on a Rainy day in Oakland

There's so much I could say or write, but for some reason, these lyrics keep swirling around my mind not unlike black coffee...

You'll be gone
by the time the coffee's done

You'll give some,
but it will never be enough

I'll linger on
drinking from this empty cup

But you'll be gone, you'll be gone

It's hard to admit to the fact that tonight I'm sitting here feeling empty and disappointed in the midst of vibrant success, but why try to hide it? I feel guilty for even having these feelings. But there they are, as hard to avoid as the grey clouds in the sky today.

Everything ebbs and flows, and like the storm clouds...this too, shall pass.

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Anonymous said...

That's beautiful Val. Lucio told me about the El Mirage show, I still haven't caught that configuration yet, still in the Philippines. Your lyrics remind me that it doesn't have to be so complicated, the simple feeling is all that it is. These feelings you share are very helpful, it's helps me at least. Keep cooking! glad to see you were awarded a well deserved custom made apron. I like the green, I've really been into green lately. I noticed alot of Filipinos wearing green, a kelly green, as a result bought myself a green T-shirt. As you said "little things."