Friday, September 22, 2006

Pecan Pie Redemption

Suddenly it's Friday. This week involved too little sleep and not enough nourishment despite the fact that my kitchen was abuzz with activity on more than one occasion.

The highlights: Pecan Pie Redemption! Now I know it seems I could very easily be making this up, cause I've got no photo to prove it since I seem to have temporarily misplaced my digital camera. But I made it, and it was damn good. Not exquisite, but definitely decadent. Honestly, I have witnesses. Emily joined me for the first slice, hot out of the oven, oozing with velvety chocolate and topped with my own creation of molasses spiked whipped cream with a shot of Grand Marnier.

I brought the rest of it to work where it quickly disappeared. The second pie made its way to Loretta Lynch's final audio tweaking session (otherwise known as mastering) for our upcoming new album, where it gave us just the sugar buzz we needed to make it through the night, which came after a long day in a succession of long days....can I just say one more time how exhausted I am? There, I just did.

The other highlight was a birthday party at work which allowed me the chance to make not one, but two kinds of homemade, roast-a-licious salsa, to the great joy and appreciation of my co-workers. I could do much worse than to have a day job that allows me to get my cooking fix from time to time.

Obsessiveness has its price though; I had pecan pie and chips & salsa for dinner two nights in a row.

Fortunately today I'm headed to the Townhouse for a company paid lunch. Now if I could just find time for a 12 hour nap, all would be perfect. Thank god it's Friday.

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MissNoNo said...

it was very good!! Thanks!