Monday, September 18, 2006

Beer Heaven

It was a beer snob's dream. I got to re-experience my days as a bartender with all the fun and free beer and none of the drunken sloppy nastiness (except on my part!).

The event: the 11th annual "How Berkeley Can you Be" festival. It took place on an exquisite Bay area summer day - the skies were clear, the sunshine bright, and the beer icy cold.

It was a real treat to hang out in the beer garden with fellow beer appreciators & freaks, the kind that can only be found in... Berkeley. Never mind that I live in Oakland.

The breweries represented were Trumer Pilsner, Jupiter, Triple Rock, Pyramid and Bison. Holy crap, that's a lot of good beer to come out of one city! There was double IPA, smooth, golden hefeweizen, crisp pilsner, smoky pale ale, spiced porter that was like biting into a slab of gingerbread, and a cocoa spiked stout, which was kind of like, the mole of beers. I can't remember them all. Just go take your own damn beer tour and try 'em.

Besides being such a treat to be able to freely swill this embarassment of riches, it was a sweet opportunity to remember how much I still enjoy pulling the perfect pint. I mean come on, you can hardly fail to make people happy when you serve 'em up a tall cool glass of hops with a big old grin (and perhaps a wee bit of cleavage), now can you?

An added bonus was that I got to talk to several people about the fine art of homebrewing...and I learned that it isn't too costly to buy your own beer making equipment...and I'm afraid a new obsession was born. Guess I better get busy collecting hops, eh?

One of the musical highlights was a great performance by B-town hip-hop/funk group Live Audio Explosion. If it was a little challenging pouring those perfect pints with my booty shaking the whole time, you can blame it on these cats. Except you'll listen to their music and then you'll be too busy shaking your own ass to complain, and you'll probably be ready for a ya might wanna head towards Berkeley.


MarthaScarborough said...

Now I'm no prude, but lets be realistic here my little Staggering Soupkitchen, as the beer flowed and the afternoon progressed, "wee bit of cleavage" is more than just a little bit of an understatement dont you think??? I mean, with those ya yas of yours, you had to cut your picture down to part of your face for this site so they wouldnt show up for cryin out loud. Hooray for Boobies! AND BEER!

MissNoNo said...

I couldn't agree more.

Soup and Song said...

Oh my - I'll have you know that my PARENTS read this blog and it's bad enough that they even have to CONSIDER the words "wee bit of cleaveage" in regards to their daughter, so stop spreading nasty rumours or I'm going to divorce you, my Gay Husband, and Miss NoNo too.

Mom & Dad, hopefully you stopped reading a couple of paragraphs back and if you didn't, please forgive my friends. They take too many drugs and it makes them say strange things.

MissNoNo said...

speak for yourself.

MissNoNo said...

You owe me a beer..after this morning.