Monday, September 11, 2006

Addicted to Soup...

Well, I've been addicted to worse. It's about time I got addicted to something healthy in fact, and I am thankful that now I can count soup, hiking and music amongst my healthy must-have fixes.

Since I'm obsessed with all things food AND I live alone, it sometimes presents a nice bonus for many of my co-workers at my day job. I just can't cook for one, and I can't very well consume all those pots of soup all by my lonesome!

Our office has the added bonus of having a fully functioning kitchen with a very well stocked refridgerator, so it's quite easy for any of us who feel inspired to heat up leftovers or whip up something fabulous with just a little effort (soon I will have to do a posting exclusively about the kitchen at my office, for it's pretty dang good as kitchens go).

Last week I made some completely improvised chicken soup at work and not only did folks LOVE it, they loved it despite my last minute decision to extend the broth using what we happened to have on hand, which was V-8! Who knew? I didn't, but now I do...

And then of course yesterday was Sunday, another day for me to blow off household chores (hey, I live alone, so I can!) and spend the better part of the afternoon and evening in the kitchen roasting, toasting, and simmering away the hours. Last night's soup (and today's lunch) was a very comforting Fava bean soup w/ roasted tomatoes, onions and garlic, with mint, cilantro and pickled pasilla chiles. Courtesy of Rick Bayless. See, I told you to just go get the cookbook, cause I don't think I'm going to stop making his recipes any time soon.

So that's the soup. And as for the song... I'm happy to report that a new band called the Wenches was born over the weekend. That's right folks; you heard it here first. And you can hear us live on Saturday, Oct. 28 at the Starry Plough's 5th (sorta) annual Murder Ballads Bash. You might say the Wenches are... a subsidiary of the legendary Widows. And you might just be right. You might also be wondering just what the hell I'm talking about, but just nod your head and smile, and think about that big bowl of soup. You are getting very sleepy....oh wait, that's me.

Before I sign off here, I need tips on the best places to eat and trails to hike in Monterey and Carmel, for I'm headed there in a couple weeks for a real live vacation. Anyone?

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