Tuesday, September 05, 2006

All about the Corn

Here are just a few highlights from my recent culinary adventures in corn:

1. Pan seared corn w/ cilantro & jalapenos, courtesy of Rick Bayless . That was one dish I made last Sunday, the same day as making his recipe for crazy good roasted chipotle-tomatillo salsa. Just go buy the book because I'm going to keep raving about how good the recipes are, and you know you're gonna want to make them yourself (unless you want to hire me, and hey, why not?). I also made his recipes for a spicy, smoky black bean soup, and a velvety, rich and smooth as silk roasted poblano crema. Uh, I'm salivating...

2. Fish in coconut miso broth with corn, shitake mushrooms, and snap peas. I followed this recipe from Lynne Char Bennett at SF Gate.com, with the addition of rice noodles in the broth, but of course I had to serve it with frosty beer instead of Chardonnay. A very comforting, summer drifting into fall kind of dish.

3. Next recipe I'm excited to enjoy is one I came upon around 10 years ago; - it's called "Indian Summer Corn Chowder" and it's bursting with flavor from corn, roasted peppers, coconut, cilantro & lime juice. Sounds good, eh? Well it will be on the menu at the upcoming Soup and Song concert series, if you're just dying to taste it while enjoying some very fine music.

Got a favorite corn recipe or favorite dish featuring corn? Drop a line. Fritos don't count.


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corn, the gift that keeps on giving