Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Half Price Wine is Mighty Fine

My cooking adventures have left something to be desired recently. I had very high hopes for this big pot of posole that I was working on. I've made this hominy stew before on numerous occasions, but always used canned hominy because I had no idea how to cook the dried stuff. And guess what? I still don't! There will be a longer post about this later, but for now, let's just say I was happy when my pal Sabine spontaneously called on Monday night and asked us to come meet her at Fellini Restaurant. For one, I'd been wanting the sweetheart to try their pizza, and for two, I remembered that all bottles of wine are only $12 on Monday nights at Fellini! In our case, the bottle we chose, a nice Malbec, would've been $28 dollars on the regular menu.

As you might imagine, the place was hoppin'. The wine was flowing. The company delightful. We ordered caesar salads with sides of anchovy and wow, did they ever pile on the anchovy, which we loved. And mostly, we loved the pizza too. The toppings of roasted garlic, artichokes, fresh tomatoes, basil and goat cheese (on two separate pizzas, mind you!) were heartily enjoyed. Several of us loved the chewy, dense and yet not too thick texture of the crust of the pizza, and I for one was in that camp. And I'd have no qualms about making this a Monday night tradition.

But what's a girl to do on Sundays? Well if you live near Oakland, you can always cozy up to the bar at Luka's Taproom, where the bottles of wine are half price on Sundays. I like their food, especially their belgian style fries w/ chipotle aioli.

I suppose you could also just be sensible and stay at home, eat your strange pot of posole and drink Two Buck Chuck, or just forgo the wine entirely, but where is the fun in that?!

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