Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Vitamin C is your Friend!

The trip to the Oregon coast has come and gone, and it was not without its highlights. But unfortunately, this stubborn illness latched onto me right about the time we were leaving, and it still hasn't let go.

I'm writing this tonight when in fact I'm supposed to be performing. This is only the second time in my life I've ever bailed on a gig, and I'm particularly bummed because tonight's gig was to be a celebration of local song writers, and I've been working up versions of songs by some wonderful people whom I'm fortunate to know. But alas, I've been so shaky and weak and feverish the last few days that I just couldn't summon the strength tonight to get up and try to act otherwise.

And on the one hand, I'm completely disappointed at the timing. There is part of me that really wanted to push myself to just do the show anyway, however badly I might find myself singing and feeling.

But on the other hand, it feels good to be able to slow down and realize my limits and be able to honor them. My usual tendency is to just barrel on full speed ahead and never look back, but then, surely that's a contributing factor to why I find myself sick in the first place!

During these seemingly endless days of down time, I've had the opportunity to read a couple of great books - cause what would I do if I wasn't obsessing over food and music? The first is called Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. Wow, can this woman write from the heart. Highly recommended if you've ever eaten, prayed, or loved!

The other is called Shakey: Neil Young's Biography, by Jimmy McDonough. An in-depth look at the life of one very talented force of nature.

I'm looking forward to getting back in the saddle, as it were, but in the meantime, I have a pot of hot tea, a good book and a hot bath waiting for me.

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