Sunday, December 24, 2006

My Parents Rock...

... cause this is what they gave me for Christmas... something I've wanted for such a long, long, time! A beautiful, cherry red, Le Creuset pot! Three cheers for Mom & Dad!!!

You realize now Mom & Dad, that now you're going to have to come back to the Bay area so I can cook something fantastic for you in this pot!

Tonight though, I used Mom & Dad's kitchen to make risotto w/ asparagus & peas, and a big pot of cannelini bean soup w/ pesto. And Dad grilled the salmon that I marinated. And we ate and drank and stuffed ourselves silly. And baked biscotti. And took lots of photos. And I got to hear stories of how my grandma Esway was a bootlegger who made her own wine.... I got my brother a book on carnivorous plants, and he told me he has a special plant growing for me at home... which I can hardly wait to enjoy!

Yeah, Christmas was a good one this year :)


MissNoNo said...

you are spoiled.. hehehe.

MissNoNo said...

yes, yes.. we all know that your parents rock and you are like the luckiest girl ever.. now.. write something else and cook some good dinner for me.