Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Life without Coffee, Part 2

Didn't I say I was never ever ever going to give up coffee again? Never say never. I should know this by now, but it's a lesson I keep learning.

See, it all started when I was crazily ill with some kind of wretched virus. It was bad enough just having the virus, but then my doctor had me taking first anti-viral medication, and then, when it was disclosed that really, they didn't know what was wrong with me and that perhaps it was pneumonia, I began taking antibiotics. All of this medication wreaked complete and utter havoc upon my already delicate digestive system. I'll spare you the sickly details but let's just say that for the better part of a week, I couldn't keep ANYTHING in my system. Now there's a diet I won't soon be repeating!

I didn't really stop drinking coffee by choice, but rather by necessity, and I was honestly too sick to care.  I figured I'd reunite w/ my caffeine just as soon as I felt well again.  But then, when I finally did get well, a funny thing happened.  All of the stomach irritation that I had been experiencing previous to the illness was just GONE.   I had tried so many approaches in the previous months in an effort to make the stomach pain go away, including giving up alcohol (temporarily at least!), eliminating meat from my diet,  and getting acupuncture treatment.   All of these things no doubt contributed to my feeling better, but none of them was quite enough.

Of course, on more than one occasion I had read that sometimes giving up coffee is all that is needed to make stomach problems go away.  But NO WAY was I going to try this approach!  I couldn't live without my coffee!  Or at least, I couldn't get out of bed without it.  But feeling completely well is a powerful motivator.  That's what I tell myself every morning as I'm boiling the water for my green tea.

Perhaps one day I'll reunite w/ coffee after all, but I figured for now I'd give my body a 6 month break.  And who knows...  maybe once 6 months has passed, I won't even want it any more.  But never say never...

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