Tuesday, November 19, 2013

New Normal

Greetings from the land of dog tired, bone tired, crazy all the damn time tired.

Oh and did I mention, I finally got that job I'd so been longing for?  It's a damn good job, working for a company that I feel really, really good about.  A certified B Corp.  Working with and for people who have heart and integrity. In a really lovely environment, with seriously incredible benefits.

But. My new normal is leaving the house before 7 am and often not returning until after 7 pm.  My new normal is 2 buses to get me there, and 2 buses to get me home.  But  how wonderful it is to not be stuck in traffic every day (as a driver, anyway)! And how wonderful it is to have a regular paycheck again, and to no longer have the incredible stress of not having a job!!

But.  Losing my last job was stressful.  Looking for a job and not finding one was stressful.  And, having a job, at least, this one, brings its own kind of stress.  Mainly in that I don't have nearly the time that I used to for having fun in the kitchen.  Which makes me very cranky.  But.  The upside is that the little mister is spending more time in the kitchen, and between us, we are piecing it together.  And that's an unexpected bonus. So at the end of the day, I'm tired and sometimes cranky, but usually I'm still pretty well fed, which is no small achievement. And I'm also trying to see the big picture, to realize that I need to give myself time to adapt, and that everything will likely feel chaotic for awhile, but that it won't be like this forever.  And in the meantime, I'm trying to always remember to breathe.  And enjoying my new friend the crock pot!  Which is very handy for making big pots of black beans, that go perfect with rice and can be eaten all week long.  I made them for the second time today and they were dynamite, so I'll have to post the recipe soon.

For now, my recliner, and then my bed, are beckoning.  Until I next come up for air, happy holidays to you and yours!

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