Monday, September 06, 2010

Some Things are Worth Repeating

Well hello, stranger! It sure has been awhile. Lifetimes have passed, or at least it feels that way. It's a new era, in a new home, and it's almost a new season, with summer slipping away quietly. Couldn't let it go without sneaking in a little getaway to one of my most favorite places ever: Big Sur!

The dinner we cooked in our little cabin last year was so delightful, we had to give it a repeat performance using this year's tomato harvest from our garden at the old place. Oh, am I going to miss that garden.

The weather was just perfect, the scenery dreamy as ever, and there was much lounging with dog friends.

And how crazy is it that I spent much of my life in Arizona, but I had to go to Big Sur to find myself in the company of a real live scorpion? I guess there's a first for everything. Thankfully no one was stung and all ended well for everyone but the poor scorpion. We found out later that the kind of scorpions that hang around California are not poisonous, but I guess I'm glad we didn't take any chances. Poison or no, it's better to not be stung!

When we got back to Oakland, even though I was not quite ready for the getaway to end, it felt so nice to come home. It was a hot afternoon and the house was baking, so we did a little yard work and set up a table on the back patio like we'd been meaning to do ever since we moved in. Later we got Thai take out from King of Thai Noodle and sat on the cool patio eating it, once again savoring the perfect summer-ness of it all.


Tara said...

So happy for you guys with your new digs- how exciting!! Glad to come here again & see/be inspired by your culinary meanderings.

I myself am thrilled that Fall is here.

Wanted to let you know I've started a blog- for the poetry, jewelry, & music Muses & their meanderings. Drop by when you can!
Miss you- t Linda.
Ps- I noticed my link here has an extra ".com" in it... ;)

Soup and Song said...

Nice to hear from you, Linda! I fixed the link to your site. Send me a link to your blog also, would ya? xoxo!

Anonymous said...

You are inspiring me to cook more- while i'm home now.

my new blog is:

Looking forward to your house warming ;) Yay!

Pls. let us know if you need anything special.