Friday, October 26, 2007

Popcorn and Advil

Sometimes the things that make your heart feel heavy also make your eyelids heavy, and you want to sleep but you can't, because your mind is racing.

I wish that this could be one of those blog postings wherein the next words would be "... and then you find yourself in the kitchen cooking all your troubles away...", but alas, tonight I'm far too exhausted for cooking or creativity, or forced optimism.

Tonight, it's popcorn and Advil for dinner. Sometimes that's just where you find yourself. In the middle of your empty kitchen feeling empty. It isn't very romantic or sexy but it's real.

The other day, someone randomly said to me " everything perfect?". And I said no, but that everything is perfectly fucked up in its own perfect way. I'm sure there's some meaning in there but I think the perfect thing for tonight is to forget about finding the meaning, and focus instead on finding the path to sleep.... wish me luck...

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